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With your choice of Chrome or Brass hooks, this beautiful rack is ideal for your tack room or aisle way. Lightweight and portable this rack hangs on a barn or stall wall and has room for six sets of headgear. The six large round hangers help keep your bridle and halter crowns correctly shaped and the hooks below allow you to hang reigns or other accessories. Built in threaded inserts on the back of the rack allow you to add 5" or 12" hangers for hanging over drape pipe or over the half wall of portable stalls.

#110BR  Bridle Rack w/Chrome   $99.00
#110BRB  Bridle Rack w/Brass    $89.00
8 3/4"H x 46 1/2"L x 3 1/2"D      9 lbs.

Handsome and durable, this rack has locations for three saddles. Use the built in hangers or add additional hangers so the rack can hang over a temporary stall wall. Great for home, or take it on the road. The three racks are easily removable for storage; just slip them back on in seconds. Strong and durable this rack will withstand the weight of any saddle.

#150SR Saddle Rack   $165.00
57"H x 15 1/2"W x 20 1/2"Long Racks     21lbs.

Beautify your barn and organize your bandages. This easy to clean rack has enough room to house bandages for two to three horses. Comprises a small compartment on the right for polo's or standing bandages, and a compartment on the left, large enough for 18" leg wraps as well as the large pillow wraps being used today. Very lightweight, this rack stands upright or can hang on the barn wall. Built to accept additional long hangers if needed.

#100BR Bandage Rack   $59.50
18 3/4"H x 27"W x 7"D     8 lbs.

Black, Burgundy, Granite, Hunter Green, Grey, Navy, Purple, Red, Royal Blue.
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