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Guidelines for Purchasing Fabrics from Equine Motifs
Before ordering any fabric from Equine Motifs, please read all our guidelines. Equine Motifs is not responsible for the consequences that result from customers NOT reading our guidelines.
1. All fabrics supplied by Equine Motifs should be professionally dry cleaned as needed. Equine Motifs is not responsible for shrinkage or color change due to any cleaning process or sun or water damage.
2. Once a fabric has been cut from the roll, the order is yours and there are no returns or cancellations. Fabric pricing can change at anytime and without notice.
3. Should you discover a defect in your fabric, we will replace all of it or some of it, as needed, and providing stock is available. But, you must inspect your order as soon as you receive it. You must notify us within 5 days of your receipt of goods and we will issue, to you, a return authorization number. We will not accept any returned fabric without an authorization from Equine Motifs. If there is no stock available to replace your order, we will give you a complete refund including the cost of shipping.
4. We will not accept any returned fabric if the fabric has been cut.
5. We will not be responsible for any labor costs, incurred on your part, for any reason.
6. Our fabrics can be discontinued by the manufacturer at any time without notice. Please be sure that you order enough fabric for the job. If you have to order more fabric at a later date to complete a project, you may find that there is no stock available or that the existing stock is in a different dye lot and may not match your first order.
7. If you are not sure how to calculate the number of yards you need (allowing for a pattern repeat), call us and we will help. If you are working with an Interior Decorator, or if you are having a seamstress or local work room fabricate your project, they should be willing to figure the correct yardage for you. Please keep in mind that any time you are having a workroom fabricate your job, it is customary to supply 5% to 10% additional yardage, over and above, the exact yardage needed. Exact yardage slows down a work room. If your job has to be stopped because of lack of goods, there may be an additional start up charge. If this happens many times, the workroom may decline your future projects. Pattern matching is tricky and there must be enough fabric to allow for the decision making that turns out excellent work.
8. Beware, if your fabric order is on a back order list. A back order may or may not mean that the manufacturer is planning to discontinue that pattern in the near future. If you are given a 4-6 week back order date, that date may not hold on the 5th week. Sometimes it is extended another 4 weeks or so. We frown on suppliers that give several back order dates and then say they actually can't deliver the goods. Still, on occasion it has happened. Most of our suppliers will tell us up front if they think a back order request is risky. We will pass this information on to you and let you decide if the wait is worth it.
9. A minimum purchase of any fabric is three (3) yards and some suppliers require more, especially on imports. We do not sell portions of a yard. Your order must be in full yards. If your job requires exactly 3 yards, you may lose half a pattern repeat at either end of the three yard cut. Therefore, we suggest you order 4 yards.
10. If you need your fabric flame treated for commercial use, or laminated (laminated fabric is also flame treated by the nature of the lamination process), please let us know. Either process will take additional time and there will be additional fees. Also, there may be minimum yardage requirements that differ from the 3 yard or more purchase requirement in item #9 above. These processes may also require a sample yard of fabric for a chemical pretest. This is done to make sure the dye will remain fast for the process you request. You can expect a 5% to 7% shrinkage for either process. Therefore, additional fabric must be ordered to cover any shrinkage loss. The steps necessary to complete a lamination or flame treatment cannot be rushed. Be sure you have time to wait for this type of request. We will keep you posted each step of the way. Your order must be prepaid.
11. Don’t be afraid when you see polyester as a percent of a cotton weave. Polyester stabilizes the weave and helps to minimize shrinkage and stretching. This is an important feature for fabrics that are purchased specifically for their woven art work scenes and also contain a natural product like cotton.
12. Tapestries are not screen printed. Every color change in each horse scene is done by changing the thread color in the fabric weaving process. Each pattern repeat is woven into a real work of art….When color is critical, ask for a fabric cutting prior to purchase.
13. We charge $50.00 or more for each fabric sample (memo) you request. Cuttings are free. This will be refunded when you return the memo(s). We will pay shipping one way. The customer pays for return shipping. Each item is on a ten (10) day loan. The sample must be returned at the end of 10 days or there will be no refund. If you keep the sample longer and then return it, we will have already purchased a replacement sample from the manufacturer and there will be no refund. Please look at your sample and return it to us immediately. We are not in the business of selling samples. We really want them back so that they are available for the next person. (These sample terms will apply to the continental USA. All other areas and countries will receive additional time to return samples and shipping both ways will be charged).
14. Never print one of our fabric patterns from the website and then scan it for color and decorate a room around this color. Always ask for a cutting or buy the fabric you need first, and scan the colors directly from the fabric you have in hand.
15. Small yardage orders may be shipped in an envelope. We will ship fabrics on a tube if the order is large or the fabric is heavy. Be sure to have someone available to receive your order. If there is no one available to receive your order, you can ask us to ship to the nearest UPS center and you can arrange to pick it up from that center. If you fail to pick it up in the time allotted by UPS and the order is returned to us, you will be charged for all shipping costs incurred for the return and reshipping of your order. (See guideline #3 above for the handling of defective products).
16. The above list of guidelines for purchasing fabric by the yard is based on the industry standard. We will do our best to accommodate any reasonable request and we welcome comments and suggestions.
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