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Horse Theme Fabric-by-the-yard
#2 Whipper-In/Multi
#3 Black Stallion/Multi
#2 *Whipper-In/Multi:
RR=NO, 51% Cot, 49% Poly, Rpt. 23.63 V 15 H
Rich colors Hunter Green, red jackets, tan hounds.
Good size horse 8x 7 , is alert and calm. $50.00 yd
#3 *Black Stallion/Multi:
RR=NO, 86% Cot. 14% Poly, Rpt. 18 V, 13 H.
Stallion with Mares and Foals.
Nice transitional scene,
can be Western or English. $51.80 yd
Cot.=cotton, Poly.=polyester, Rpt.=repeat, *=54"wide H=horizontal  V=vertical.
Double Rubs=A measure of durability (11,000 DR is upholstery weight)
DR rating is not available on imported fabrics.

RR=Railroaded pattern. If a fabric is 54" wide and you want a drapery that is 108" long, there will be a horizontal seam in the drape every 54 inches. Therefore, fabrics with the pattern railroaded are used for upholstery, valances, cornices, pillows and table covers, etc. but not for draperies.

Minimum purchase for most patterns 3 yards. Occasional patterns require a 15 yard minimum purchase. Fabrics are 54" wide unless otherwise stated.

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